I am Parimal Prasoon, a computer science undergrad who loves learning anything related to computer science. My primary focus is algorithms and I frequently participate in programming contests. I also love helping others and hence write down stuff I learn in my blog. Some of the things which you might want to know about me are –

  1. My codechef profile.
  2. I also submitted a proposal for Google Summer Of Code 2019, which was rejected. You can check my proposal here and read more about my journey on my blog post.
  3. If you are a recruiter, have a look at my resume here.
  4. Other sites where you can connect with me are GitHub and LinkedIn by clicking the footer icons.
  5. I also love gaming, and my primary game as of now is League Of Legends. You can check my profile here.
  6. I also take part in short typing contests, my current average is 110 WPM. You can check my typeracer profile here.