Parimal Prasoon Software Developer

MySql the basics

I am really bad with memorization, so this blog post will serve as a reference to the basic MySQL syntax I use in the class. To install MySQL in Ubuntu, follow [this]( guide. PS: Most MySQL commands are capitalized to differentiate between the syntax and field names. - Starting MySQL – sudo /usr/bin/mysql -u root -p - Show list of databases – SHOW DATABASES; - Create a database – CREATE DATABASE [database name]; - Deleting a database – DROP DATABASE [database name]; - Select a database – USE [database name]; - Creating a table – CREATE TABLE [table name] (fieldName datatype(length), … ); - Deleting a table – DROP TABLE [table name]; - See all the tables in a database – SHOW TABLES; - Describe field formats in a table – DESCRIBE [table name]; - Rename a table – RENAME TABLE [old name] TO [new name]; - I will keep updating it as I learn new commands. Peace out.