Amazon SWE Internship OA Review

Step 1: Application

I applied on Amazon’s career website for the SWE internship role in Luxembourg on 22nd Febraury, 2020. As mentioned in my Google OA review post, most companies were already done recruiting interns for summer 2020 and only a few cities were still recruiting, one of them being Luxembourg.


Step 2: Email with further instructions

On 9th March, 2020, I recieved an email that to be considered for an interview, I had to pass a 3 part online assessment. Each part had to be completed within 5 days of receiving the mail for it.

Step 3: Part 1 of the assessment

Part one was 7 debugging questions in C++, and I got 20 minutes of time for it. It was fairly simple, and if you know the basics of C++ you would easily solve this round. I debugged all 7 with roughly 15 minutes to spare. I completed this round on the same day, i.e 9th March, 2020.


Step 4: Part 2 of the assessment

After passing part one of the assessment, I received another mail on the same day for part 2 of the assessment. Here comes the difficult part, two coding problems based on data structures and algorithms and 70 minutes for each question. I was already practicing a lot of algorithmic questions by now so I was in good shape to tackle the questions. I cannot discuss the exact questions asked but it was related with hash maps and trees.

I did pass this round, as mentioned by the next set of emails but would like to write something more which may help you.

See, for question 1, I passed all the test cases and for question 2, I could pass 21 out of 23 test cases. I had read that this was generally enough to pass to the next rounds, but make sure your code passes all the test cases for both the questions. Reason being, you will be rejected if most of the participants get all the test cases right. This was my very first interview/challenge for a FAANG company and I slacked a bit. Don’t do the same mistake as me.


Step 4: Part 3 of the assessment

The part where I messed up and the main reason of my rejection, I suppose. This was something I have never really heard before and was really cool imo. Part 3 is a simulation of a day in the life of an Amazon SDE. It’s like a game where you play as an Amazon SDE, with videos and materials at your disposal and how you solve the daily problems, like meetings, which projects to focus on, etc. I don’t know how much information I can give away but hope you get the point. The time given is 2.5 hours, it was kind of tiring to sit through all of it and being bombarded with so many different stuff. It made me really appreciate the life of a SDE, how tiring it can be and how it’s not the working and eating as they show in those day in a life videos lol.

Red channel

Step 5: Rejection :(

5 days after giving the part 3, I received a rejection email saying that they won’t be moving forward with my application. They didn’t mention any reason because of “privacy policy” but I am pretty sure it was the part 3 where I messed up, and maybe not passing all the test cases (21 out of 23) of question 2 in part 2 of the assessment. Oh well, it was my first ever “interview” process, and I really enjoyed it.