Google SWE Internship OA review

Google India generally opens up applications for their internship roles one year in advance, so to be a Google SWE intern in summer of 2020, you need to apply from August of 2019.I wasn’t really prepared to tackle algorithmic questions of Google level in 2019 so I had to let go of the oppurtuntiy to even apply for it.

Fast forward to Febraury of 2020 and 150 leetcode style questions later, I got to know that Google Sydney will be accepting applications for their summer 2020 internship roles. And honestly I was sure I won’t hear back even if I applied, but I had nothing to lose so I gave it a shot.

On 24th Feb, 2020, I applied for the role on Google’s Career website.

Email Screenshot

After I had forgotten about it, on 10th April 2020, to my surprise, I got an email saying I was invited for an online assessment for the SWE Intern role. The fact that my resume got passed the ATS and was worthy of atleast getting a chance to give OA made me really happy.


The assessment was scheduled on 17th April, 2020 and I had one week to prepare for it. I spent all that time practicing on Leetcode.

The format for OA is you will get two leetcode type questions (ranging from easy to difficult) and 45 minutes of time. I cannot discuss the exact questions but both of them were related to trees and were leetcode mediums. I solved both with all test cases passing with 10 minutes to spare, and was sure of atleast getting to the next round (which for intern roles is skype based interviews). Unfortunately, I never got an email, of going into the next round or of rejection. Maybe it had to do with COVID-19 because Google Sydney will probably want to hire local interns during pandemic time.

Still, it was a great experience and I was honestly thrilled to even get a chance to be part of the interview process of Google.