GSOC Proposal Rejection

So the GSOC results were announced on May 6, 2019 and I got what I expected, a rejected proposal. In this post I will try to outline the major points on why I didn’t make the cut.

I wasn’t enjoying it –

Yeah, it was fun when I started. The organisation I selected had this C++ challenge which I loved solving, but by the end of it it took way too much time. My attendance suffered ( lowest in all 4 semesters ) , my grades will probably go down as well, and worst part was I couldn’t just quit in between. I had already sacrificed huge amount of time and I wanted to just sail through this, no matter the outcome.

I worked really hard, because learning all that stuff and implementing it and according to the coding standards held by the mentors was a difficult task. By the end of it, it just became a really boring and dull task. Although my code was working great and producing the required tasks, they have these little intricate guidelines to follow, which is really boring.

Of course this is what real software development looks like, but you get paid to do that. GSOC preparation is done with the hope that you will get selected and get paid, but for those who don’t make the cut, it is a huge time sink (although I did learn a lot of new stuff).

I focused too much on the challenge and not on the suggested project.

This is the biggest blunder. I was so engrossed in perfecting my C++ challenge code that I completely forgot the purpose of it. It was basically a filter to test our knowledge if we are capable of working on the project or not. I didn’t give enough time to study how I would go on to implement the main project, which led to my downfall. I could have done both side by side but oh well, mistakes were made. The guy who got selected, Dev, did exactly that.

Lack of interest in the project itself.

Apertus is a camera organisation, and I have no interest in it from any perspective. I have never used a camera (I hate cameras) nor developed any software for it(before doing the challenge task). I was doing it because I like learning new things even if I find it boring, but doing things which you don’t like for 2 months takes a toll on you. When preparing the project proposal, the zeal to study more about frame servers etc died out.

I guess these are the reasons ( read: excuses for not working harder ) for not getting selected in GSOC 2019. I just wanted to give it a shot. I think I selected the wrong organisation, and got wooed by the challenge task. I am not sad, it was a conscious decision I took, because every time I used to sit down for competitive programming, at the back of my mind I wanted to just try this instead. Now that I have done it ( and failed ), I can focus my time and energy on things which I like!

I will soon post about things I have planned this summer, stay tuned!