Chess Bot

  • Built a chess playing bot in JavaScript. Used libraries chess.js for move generation and chessboard.js for board visualization.
  • Implemented mini-max algorithm for decision making, searching up to a depth level of three.
  • Optimized the algorithm using alpha-beta pruning.


Pathfinding Visualizer

  • Created a desktop application to find shortest path from source to destination in a given map.
  • Implemented Dijktra’s and A* algorithms from scratch for pathfinding using C++.
  • Built the graphical user interface using SFML.


RAW to Bitmap Processor

  • Built a C++ application which converts RAW file format generated by digital cameras into a bitmap file.
  • Implemented linear interpolation for debayering the RGB image.
  • Added dynamic linking to reduce executable file size.
  • Created a CMake script to build the full project.


Web Server

  • Implemented a simple web server in Python that can handle concurrent connection requests.
  • Solved the problem of zombie processes by implementing a signal handler and wait system call.


Mini SQLite Clone

  • Programmed a database from scratch in C programming language.
  • Added persistence to disk and cursor abstraction for tracking rows.
  • Implemented B+ tree from scratch for efficient insertion and searching.


Django Blog

  • Created a portfolio / blog web application from scratch using the Django framework.
  • Integrated markdown editorfor bettertext editing and rendering through Django admin.
  • Deployed the site on Heroku.